Not the doctor?

The title comes from a conversation I heard in my surgery many years ago, when my daughter Amy was in kindergarten. I'd just taken the child's history from his mother, examined his ears, throat and chest and written a prescription:

 : "Say goodbye to the doctor now, Josh."

CHILD (looking at me in disbelief): "That's not the doctor, that's Amy's mum!"

I am a doctor (though retired now). But I'm not writing as a doctor, and I'm not offering medical advice. 

So what's this blog about?

As I explain in one of my posts, I'm something of a "Renaissance soul". I have a broad range of interests, and find it difficult to focus on a single topic for long. I look at life from a Christian perspective, but what I write is not just about being a Christian. I'm "a woman of a certain age" but it's not just about life as an older woman. 

In order to bring some sort of order to my blog, I've categorized my posts into five broad headings:

Relationships family, friends, work and church.
Body, mind and soul - finding and keeping a sense of well-being.
Movers and mentors -  inspirational older women in the news and closer to home
Tips and technology - everything from memory aids to saving the environment.
Treasuresbooks, music, science, art ...you're never too old to have a sense of wonder.

Note that I've retrospectively added these categories to most of the posts written before 2013.

Who is it for?

What I write tends to be slanted towards the needs of Christian women of my own age. But I hope that others will still enjoy reading what I write and find it helpful.

How can you contact me?

You can add a comment to the end of a post, or you can email me here.  I'd love to to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Stella Budrikis

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