28 July 2009

Heard on the road - music I like

I used to be able to walk to work, but now I work in a clinic which is too far from home for that, so I drive. Walking to work and back added a couple of hours of exercise to my week that I now have to make up in some other way, and I miss it. But there have been some benefits to driving. I usually have the car radio set to the ABC's Classic Drive, and that has given me the opportunity to hear music that I wouldn't otherwise come across.

Here are extracts from two pieces that have become favourites of mine. The first is by a Canadian composer, Marjan Mozetich: Affairs of the Heart (played by Roman Mints). The full piece lasts 23 minutes but this will give you a taste.

The other is Spiegel im Spiegel by Estonian composer Arvo Part. (Close your eyes if you find the slide show distracting.)

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