28 October 2013

Ten reasons why I'm not joining facebook (just yet)

(Monday musings)

When it comes to facebook, I'm a proud resister. I've been holding out against joining the social network for years. But now that my husband has been enticed into joining, I'm starting to feel a deep inner conflict. I need to bolster my resolve. So here are ten reasons why I'm not joining (just yet).

1. I don't have time. Already I see my husband's time on-line has increased. If I joined facebook something else would have to go. Like time with my husband.

2. It would be too distracting. The internet has enough ways of wooing me away from my intended tasks.

3. I've heard that it tends to make depression worse. I don't need any encouragement to get depressed. (The study was on young adults, and there's conflicting evidence, but I'm looking for reasons not to join, remember.)

5. I've never liked being "in with the crowd". Call me stuck up, stand-offish, introverted - you're probably right.

6. I once watched "The Social Network" about Mark Zuckerberg  and it totally put me off supporting his enterprise. In real life Mark looks like a very nice man and he's married to a doctor, Priscilla Chan. He's a vegetarian, gives to charity and probably does all sorts of other decent, normal things. But images stick in the mind more firmly than facts.

7. One of my daughters has refused to 'friend' her father. She promises that we can remain friends if I don't join facebook. How can I resist?

8. I value my privacy (and it seems to be getting less all the time). 

9. I'm already on Google+  just like Mark Zuckerberg. Hardly anyone I know ever writes posts on google+ but I can still say I belong to an online social network.

10. Most of my friends aren't on facebook. If I want to talk to them I phone them, or email them, or even talk to them face to face over lunch. 

Can anyone give me a good reason (or two) for joining?

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